Using only the most advanced, up-to-date information and meticulous craftsmanship, Mario gets passionate about your website. Mario wants you, as web owners, to be successful and fruitful in all your on-line endeavors.
  • Tools I Use to Get Your Site Done


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    Rich HTML 5 organically coded layered with a sprinkling of rich xHTML where necessary and hand tossed with current fresh web standards.


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    Colorful, stylish CSS 3 smothered in the latest trends to make sure your site has that "up-to-the-minute" coolness factor.


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    An elegant celebration of javascript functionality featuring the hemispherical combustion chamber and raw rocket power of jQuery.
    jQuery Mobile/Phone Gap


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    As tablet and mobile device use becomes more widespread jQuery Mobile alters your site instantly with self-activation of juicy fluid grid layout perfection. Go native when served with a Phone Gap outer shell.


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    Flash is dead they say! Long live Flash as a HTML5 animation tool using SVG and canvas served with a zesty splash of Actionscript 2 or 3. Sautéed with Adobe AIR when called for.
    SEO/Social Media Marketing


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    Small twists of Twitter filled text served in an enhanced rich Facebook sauce of chopped nouns, pronouns, and fresh verbs. Lightly seasoned with vim and vigor.
  • Bullet List of Skill Set
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    Expert at front-end web development skills including HTML5, XHTML, CSS, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, and ActionScript 3
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    Expert at taking YOUR designs and converting them to websites or apps
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    Expert knowledge of web visual design principles, layout, color, typography and composition
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    Expert knowledge of Phototoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects, InDesign, iBooks, ePub and Flash
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    Expert at Mobile design
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    Ability to create html for email
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    Ability to create CMS including WordPress and Joomla
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    Ability to create iOS apps
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    Proficient knowledge of SEO, Social Media Marketing and Local Search
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    Ability to take direction and work with minimal supervision with no ego
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    Ability to work in deadline driven environment, and respond creatively to pressure
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    Expert designer, illustrator, animator and cartoonist
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    Ability to work with and communicate clearly with non technical end user
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